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Sunday's Message (2/4/18)

The Joy Mindset

Count it all joy!

Psalm 105:43-45; 37-39

43 “And he brought forth his people with JOY”

Key Points:

If it’s bad or good, God signed off on it, and He’s given us the strength to go through it.

Sinful things happen in our lives, but God gives us strength to go through and get us in the place of forgiveness.

The power of TRUE forgiveness (Joseph with the coat of many colors... He was hurt by his brothers.)

God will allow you to go through hardship and heart ache and misery and pain but it’s for your good. That’s where your testimony comes from.

It wasn’t all about Joseph, it was all about Israel (God’s people) God needed Joseph to be the man at that time.

New Pharaoh came on the scene, but God never changed. His plan for Israel is still the same. He had a new land for them.

Certain seasons must change. Good times pop up for a season, and then another stormy season comes.

We are in the Earth, but we are only passing through this land. For the Christian world, things are changing swiftly.

God’s word stands.

Stay in it (Your season of suffering) cause God hears your cry.

When God gives you a plan, it’s a miracle working plan. It goes beyond human strength and intellect. It is miracle working power.

No longer my will, but your will. Not my smartness, but yours. I humble myself that you might exalt me in YOUR time.

It’s more than just us having stuff.

To have a spirit of joy is powerful. There’s a reason for everything.

Where do you allow your mind to go when troubles come? Do you spend time thinking about the pain, or do you say, this is not going to last. God is going to get me out and I’m going through it with joy!

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