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Sunday's Message (2/11/18)

Scripture: Exodus 15:1-3; 14-16

Title: A Day of Celebration

Key Points:

There are days where you’d have permission from God to do what you’re doing, but the devil will come to distract you. This happened with Moses and God’s people. Pharaoh and his folks tried to keep them from getting to the promise land.

Dedicate your work and life to God if you want to go to Heaven.

Do you want to be a part of Jesus’ team?

Trust the Lord. You MUST trust the LORD right now. (Stretch out your rod)

A place of faith is where you MUST trust God. There’s no way out but God.

Somebody’s gotta move God with your faith. (Moses heard from God while everyone else was in disbelief.)

When confusion is going on don’t jump in the boat of confusion. Someone needs to zip it and quit it.

You’re going to die of something, but are you saved?

There will be an enemy that will chase after you.

When God is ready to do something, you have to squash the negative stuff. Get the bad stuff out of your mind.

There are people that should be afraid of you because you trust in God.

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