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Sunday Message (2/18/18)

Believe in Jesus and Love Jesus

Build on Spiritual Trust and not human trust

We need more faith in the church

Scripture: John 20:1-28

Key Points:

John 20:1-3

Mary Magdalene went to the sepulcher and saw that Jesus wasn’t there and she ran back to tell the disciples. The first thing she thought was that.. “Somebody took Him”

John 20:3-7

John saw the body missing also.

Peter looked a little closer and noticed the linen folded. He looked with a different mindset than Mary Magdalene and John.

John 20:8

John saw and then believed

John 20:9-13

Mary Magdalene saw two angels and they asked her why is she crying. She responded saying that someone has taken away her Lord.

Let’s stop blaming people and start believing.

John 20:14-15

Mary turns around and saw Jesus standing and knew him not. She’s so full of grief that her eyes can’t see Jesus even though he’s right in front of her. She’s so full of what her mind perceives that she can’t see Jesus. She was thinking of Jesus, but she was thinking of a dead Jesus.

If we only see things the way we see it, we could walk this way until the Lord comes back

John 20:16

When Jesus called her name… something about Jesus’ voice that makes her snap out of her disbelief.

What does it take for us to snap out of disbelief?

John 20:17-18

Now her statement has changed. She has seen the Lord, she told the disciples.

John 20:19-23

The Holy Ghost is for all of us. It’s a must. He give them power (verse 23)

If God sent the worst sinners here, there’s should be enough love in our spirit that they know they’ve been in a place where we hold none of their sins against them.

Jesus didn’t go to the cross to hold sins over people’s heads, but to forgive every one of their sins if they chose to believe in Him.

Get your faith back!

John 20:24-25

All of us have walked in doubt and disbelief.

The enemy is the one who comes along and sow seeds to make us disbelieve in ministries.

We say we want to be in Heaven with God to worship Him FOREVER, but yet we don’t want to show up to be involved in things that are temporal while here on Earth.

John 20:26-28

Jesus told Thomas to come and touch his hands and side so that he would believe.

God’s plan is easy enough for everyone to follow, but we have to humble ourselves.

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