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Sunday Message (1/28/18)

*Apostle Peter*

Question: Are you all in?

Matthew 4:18;20

Jesus bided Simon Peter: Come. Follow me. And "straight way" they left their nets.

Make your call and election sure. Make sure you move. It’s your call.

The most important thing is the call of Jesus Christ.

Luke 5:4-7

You can trust Jesus.

They were not catching any fish and they'd been at it all night. Jesus told them to cast their nets still.

I don’t care how good you are or how much you think you know, Jesus knows more. Fish a little bit longer. (Jesus is pushing Peter, challenging him. He wants to know if you would really go all in.)

I know you know what you know, but I want you to know that I know all things. I know where the fish are, and I can speak to the fish because I made the fish.

Follow the leading of God. We could be working and working: calling ourselves working for the Lord, but when God gets ready and when the Lord speaks, the fish will get in the net.

What you know, or things you may be good at, may become a distraction if you do not humble yourself.

Matthew 16:15-16

True Christian people that understand that things are winding up, they’re dotting their I’s and crossing their T's.

There are churches for everything (homosexuals, smoking cigars, lottery players, etc.) You can go where they’re preaching like that and comfortably go to hell.

Matthew 16:21-23

He began talking about the suffering. Peter began listening and thought you’re the messiah and you can do anything. And now you’re talking about you’re going to be killed!?

Peter corrected Jesus and said NO, you can't be killed, but Jesus rebuked him.

Jesus must keep us in place. Nobody can be out of place.

Are you all in? Cause we must do it Jesus’ way.

Matthew 17:1-4

Peter was all in. He’s ready to build some tabernacles on the hillside.

You have to get all in. You may make a mistake, but it’s good to be in.

It’s good to get excited about what the Lord is doing. When you get excited, you’re ready to work for Him.

Matthew 26:34

Peter had a mindset: That he’s ready to fight for Jesus. Peter wanted to know who, what, when and where because if there's a rumble going down, Jesus, I’m with you.