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The Valley Development Association (VDA) is an outreach organization of the Lily of the Valley Church that is dedicated to advancing the quality of life for individuals living in Waverly, VA through support services, as well as by coordinating resources through collaboration and partnerships.  

Beyond the Limits is a grassroots initiative of the Valley Development Association.

Valley Development Association

Beyond the Limits’ projects are considered transformational agendas in that they are designed to educate and empower the residents of this community with the knowledge to change their community environment and proudly envision possibilities.

The aim is for the residents to realize challenges as opportunities to demonstrate their capacity for change in advancing their lives, as well as future generations in this community.

With the achievements of the programs sponsored through Valley Development Association as a catalyst, the Lily of the Valley Church invested further into the Waverly community by purchasing a property consisting of 130 acres of land.  Fifty three acres are farmland and 77 acres are wooded areas.  The goal is to enact a broader more transformative social agenda aimed at making more profound and longer lasting impact toward the advancement of the Waverly community.  A portion of this property is reserved for VDA community initiatives.

VDA staff is partnering with faculty from Virginia Tech, Virginia State University, Content experts, and also Life and Career Coaches to develop and implement a comprehensive program, “Beyond the Limits” that capitalizes on the resourcefulness of the newly purchased property.  Beyond the Limits consists of three program modules:


  • Health and Nutrition

  • Future Pathways

  • African Heritage & Culture


These areas were chosen because they align with VDA’s analysis of the needs of their residents, which has guided their focus and activities throughout the years.  These areas have been determined to be key to influencing a strong sense of self awareness and self-determination.

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